Powerful weight loss drug Phentermine is only legally available if a person has a prescription written by a doctor with whom the patient has a valid medical relationship. If the following criteria isn’t met, then the relationship between the doctor and patient isn’t considered ‘valid’ in the legal sense:

• The doctor and patient must meet in person
• The doctor must perform an in person physical on the patient
• The doctor must thoroughly review the patient’s medical history

Since there is no way for any of those three criteria to be met by an ‘online’ doctor, for those people who use an online pharmacy’s ‘online consultation’ service, this means that they are engaging in the illegal purchase of prescription drugs.

Phentermine, also known as Adipex, is so powerful that it is classified, along with other drugs like Darvocet, Soma and Halcion, as a schedule 4 drug. Anyone who illegally purchases Phentermine online is subject to a 5 year prison sentence and a fine of up to $250,000. Arrests and convictions beyond the first offense warrant a doubling of both the prison sentence and the fine. It’s simply not worth the risk to try to go around the law and buy Phentermine online.

Even if someone does have a valid prescription for Phentermine, “where to buy it” is an important question. Since the vast majority of online pharmacies (97%) are operating illegally, an online purchase of Phentermine is ill-advised because there is no way to determine if the company the consumer is buying the drug from is operating legally in the United States. Even with a valid prescription, it is still possible that the consumer will face legal sanctions.

Reasons for the Control

Besides Phentermine’s classification as a schedule 4 drug, there are other critical reasons why someone interested in the drug is required to undergo a physical and medical history review in order to get a valid prescription. The two primary reasons are Phentermine’s severe side effects, and the doctor’s need to screen out those people whose physical condition and medical history would put their health in further jeopardy by taking Phentermine.

The side effects associated with Phentermine are so severe that doctors don’t prescribe it for more than 12 weeks. Some of Phentermine’s side effects include panic, vomiting, uncontrollable tremors, rapid muscle loss, hallucinations, and addiction.

It’s the doctor’s responsibility to ensure that, by prescribing Phentermine, he isn’t putting his patient’s health in further risk. Some conditions that result in a denial of a Phentermine prescription include addiction history, diabetes, glaucoma, hyperthyroidism, hypertension, and pregnancy.

The Perfect Alternative

For those who may not qualify for a Phentermine prescription, or want to avoid having to undergo a physical and medical history review, there is PhenObestin. PhenObestin works just as powerfully and effectively as Phentermine does in suppressing the appetite, increasing metabolism and burning fat. PhenObestin is also available in the same maximum strength dosage as Phentermine (37.5mg), and PhenObestin is even white with light blue specks, just like Phentermine.

The differences between Phentermine and PheObestin are that PhenObestin doesn’t have any side effects and it is legally available online without a prescription. So, if you are interested in a weight loss aid that carries the same power and effectiveness as prescription Phentermine, but without the side effects, legal hassles, or doctor’s appointment, then try PhenObestin.

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